Deep bathtubs are delightful.

London - Marble Bathtub1

I delight in being in large, deep bathtubs.  They’re big enough for two people to move around, while still staying under the hot water. Add a handheld shower head and handles to assist in balancing, and we chose to stay there for a while.

We listen to the voice messages to find everyone has ventured out to different areas of London.  Being that it’s our first morning alone together in London, we wander around Kensington with no real particular destination in mind. We have a few places we’d like to see while in town but are in no real hurry to get there.

When MB was growing up, his mother taught him to play the harp and the piano, and had him take dance, violin, and trumpet lessons. (He just got a few degrees hotter, right?)  He grew up listening to anecdotes about her visit to the Royal College of Music Museum when she was in high school.  After telling me he brought her back there when he was an adult, I decided we had to visit.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of him while his face filled with excitement, retelling her stories and adding new ones from that weekend.

Londo - Harps & Pianos at Royal College Museum (2)

His love of music is revealing more and more of itself with each piece we pass.  I’m not musically inclined but I can sit and listen to someone playing the harp for hours.  We agree to find a harpist somewhere before we leave town.

Our stomachs grumble, MB says he’s had his fill of the museum, and we depart to forage for food.

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London still…

Back in the room, neither of us reaches for the light switch.  MB slowly peels off my dress as my hands unbutton his shirt.  My fingers slowly and methodically move across his chest.  His hands cup my face and tilt it up towards his.  I’m lost in his eyes and my legs weaken.
We slowly begin to move in sync with the music that’s heard in the distance.  Moments later, we’re laughing and dancing half naked around the room.  His arm scoops me up by my waist and we fall on the bed.  Mouths and hands begin investigating areas of each other that have recently been neglected.  Heels are kicked off, pants are removed, and all else is moved aside.  Dance time will have to wait.  What a delicious man.

The next morning, a sliver of sunlight wakes me up.  If I get out of bed to shift the curtains, I’ll be too awake to fall back asleep.  Cursing the morning light, I finally get out of bed, open the shuttered terrace doors, and order breakfast while MB continues to snooze.  I follow the lines of his body as the rays of morning light cast a shadow.  As usual, all but one bed sheet has wound up on the floor.  It covers the back of MB in such a way that someone might think he wore only shorts to bed.  I know otherwise.

As he did the morning before, MB retrieves the meats off my plate and gives me his eggs.  One of the eggs starts to slide off and I quickly push it onto the plate with my thumb.  The egg yolk pops and gets all over my fingers.  As I reach for my napkin, MB grabs my wrist with one hand and interlocks his fingers with mine with his other.  Ever so gently, he puts my thumb in his mouth and sucks off the egg.  Then does the same, one by one, to my fingers.

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I stare at his eyes as my fingers glide in and out of his mouth. Unlacing our fingers, I pick a few berries out of the nearby bowl of sweet cream and roll them down his chest. Leaning over to nibble them up, I continue onward. I’m famished and won’t be satisfied by what was brought in on the breakfast cart.

Sticky and sweaty, I lie on the bed catching my breath. MB grabs a bite of something off the cart as his glistening body saunters to the bathroom. Music and steam from the shower begin to spill out while MB’s frame fills the doorway and he says something. In my breathless daze, I don’t really hear a word he’s saying and I just stare at the ceiling. He half dances over to the bed, picks up my hand, and asks, “Why don’t you come in there and let me wash off those mashed blackberries?”
Amazing what will give one a sudden burst of energy.

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Happy #NationalNudeDay!

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The @NYTimes is looking for NYC couples in love.

If You’re a Couple in Love in New York City, We Want to Hear From You

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Happy Chinese New Year!

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Happy National Peppermint Patty Day!


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