Meeting MB

I met MB at a bar.  I don’t pick up guys at bars and I don’t get picked up at bars.  I make sure I give off a “You don’t want to talk to me vibe”.  I want to have a drink and I’m not the type to drink at home alone so I go out to do it.  This place is where my friend JJ is a bouncer so I like to go there.  Whenever I do, I motion to him and say “that’s my boyfriend” if anyone bothers me.  It always works.  MB sat on the other side of an empty stool next to me and started talking to the bartender.  “Oh great, another idiot friend of the bartender” I thought.  Then the waitress walked by and said hello to him.  Then another.  A bouncer came over and shook MB’s hand.  “Oh great, a drug dealer” went through my mind.  He talked to nearly everyone that worked there and I went on with my people watching.  Then someone came by to take the empty stool and MB moved his stool next to mine.  We talked for a few minutes.  He wasn’t at all my type – very tough-guy-looking.  But he was funny and he was charming in a “not so obvious I’m hitting on you” kind of way.   But he was a drug dealer and I don’t like drug dealers.  It was time to say “that’s my boyfriend over there”.  As soon as I said it he started laughing.  Very loudly.  I was feeling pretty happy when JJ came over to get rid of this crazy guy for me.  Instead, JJ put his arm around MBs shoulders and said “Hey man, I didn’t see you come in, how’s it going?”
JJ looks at me: “Lingerie Chick, this is MB.  I’ve told you about him, he’s owns the club downtown.”
MB looks at JJ and says “This has to be the LC you were telling me about!”  Then turns to me and says “You know he can’t take anyone home when you’re here, right? Hi, I’m MB.”


About BrazenLingerie

Home, office, and hospital visits. Personalized bra fittings, bra fitting parties, and novelty parties. We specialize in hard-to-find sizes and take pride in not only fitting a bra correctly, but teaching you how to know a good fit from a bad fit! We also carry nursing bras, breast pumps, accessories, and post-mastectomy bras. Brazen chicks have more fun!
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