Meeting MB II

MB has strong hands. I like strong hands. I like a good handshake. I don’t like wimpy feels like-I’m-shaking-a-dead-fish handshake and I don’t like I’m-so-strong-I-could-break-your little-hand handshakes.
MB has a good handshake.
For a drug dealer.
He invited me to his club and I gracefully declined with “I have work in the morning but thank you”. I’m not into going to clubs owned by drug dealers.
We both stayed until the bar closed. MB talked with JJ and I went home – alone.
I went back to the bar the next week and did my people watching. About an hour later, MB squeezes in between me and the occupied stool next to me. Smiles and says “Hi LC.”
I feel a little weak. What a amazing smile. For a drug dealer.
I blame the weakness on the late hour.
The stool empties and MB sits down and we talk until the bar closes.
Wow, this is one charming guy.
He invites me to his club. I, again, gracefully decline. I’m still not going to a club owned by a drug dealer.
He tells me he wants to show me a picture of his baby and pulls out a picture of his dog. I tell him I want to show him a picture of my daughter. In true drug dealer/I’ve seen it all style, he doesn’t flinch. I pull out a picture of my dog.
He smiles. Oh, there’s the knee weakening smile again. What is going on??!!  I’m feeling light headed.
I am not going out with a drug dealer!


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