Meeting MB III

As the bar closes, JJ comes over and says he, his girlfriend, his brother and MB are going ice skating tomorrow and do I want to come. I know his girlfriend and his brother and I have nothing else to do so I say yes. We all say good night, they go to MBs club and I go home – alone.
The next morning I’m on a bench bright and early with a bagel and a cup of tea in hand waiting for everyone. A few minutes later, MB shows up.
He’s got too much energy for such an early morning. He flashes that smile and waves. I feel a shiver come over me. We talk while waiting for the others. I don’t even notice that they aren’t there until the ticket line disappears.
MB calls JJ and passes the phone to me. JJ and his brother are both sick and he’s sorry he didn’t call sooner.
I don’t feel like skating anymore so MB and I stay on the bench talking.

I could not have been more wrong about this guy.
MB is far from being the drug dealer I thought he was. He is like no one I’ve ever met. He calls and talks to his mother every few days. He doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs. He worked as a bouncer when he was younger and saw what it did to people so he never wanted to take a chance. He can count the number of girlfriends he’s had on one hand.
He invests in real estate, owns a nightclub, likes to drive motorcycles, and loves his dog.
He has these amazing arms that I just want to melt into.
I feel like I’m in an altered universe. Guys like this just aren’t single.

Weeks later, I learn that JJ never had any intention of showing up that day to the skating rink. His brother told me he had never heard anything about skating anywhere.
It was all a story to get me to talk to MB outside of the bar. It worked.


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