Quote of The Day

Years ago I bartended in various bars around the city. Between jobs in college, summers, and often between jobs after college. Night clubs, topless bars, regular bars, restaurants, really nice places and really seedy places. I worked in them all. They say a bartender is a liquid therapist. People tell bartenders things they wouldn’t tell their best friend.
Fast forward to Brazen Lingerie.
I’m now the panty therapist.
You would not believe the things people tell me. In all the years and all the places I bartended, I never heard what I hear here.
Some of them will be Quote of The Day.


About BrazenLingerie

Home, office, and hospital visits. Personalized bra fittings, bra fitting parties, and novelty parties. We specialize in hard-to-find sizes and take pride in not only fitting a bra correctly, but teaching you how to know a good fit from a bad fit! We also carry nursing bras, breast pumps, accessories, and post-mastectomy bras. Brazen chicks have more fun!
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