Meeting MB – IV

That morning on the bench near the ice rink turns into an afternoon and evening.  And the following day.  And the next.  And the next.

MB rarely goes to his club.  When I ask him why he says he isn’t really a club kind of guy but he won it in a poker game months earlier so he has to show up once in a while.  I nearly choke on my food as my drink is on the verge of coming out of my nose!  Who the heck puts up a night club in a friggin’ poker game??!!  He tells me he once lost one of his motorcycles in a game but won it back weeks later when the winner realized he couldn’t ride no matter how many lessons he took. His friend lost a house in southern France, then the winner conveniently lost it back after the summer.  Life is tough sometimes, isn’t it.  When MB tries to put the nightclub back in his poker game, no one lets him so here he is six months later with a huge dance club that he rarely goes to.  We go a few times.  Mostly because my friends want to go.  MB brings everyone in and then he and I leave as soon as he gets everyone liquored up, says people don’t notice as much that way when he disappears.

It seems as though MB knows everyone.  We’ll go to a brand new restaurant and someone will stop by our little table in the corner and say hello.  We’ll go somewhere to dance and there is always someone that knows MB.  I finally said “Look, how are we ever going to have sex in the bathroom stall if everybody knows you?”  The next night we go to a tourist restaurant in SoHo and then a club that makes us pay at the door.  We make it a mission to visit as many stalls as we can from now on.  I find that a dress that isn’t form fitting on the bottom is ideal attire for these situations.  And panties go over the garter belt and stockings.

MB turns to me one morning and says he wants to go to Europe.  Of course, I say “Let’s go!”

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