MB – Europe 3

MB & I are up early, shower and pack up all our stuff making sure we don’t leave a mess and have everything we came with – and my new panties!  Boyfriend and Girlfriend say they’re getting breakfast for the road and hop on their motorcycle.  While they’re gone, we have sex on the kitchen table (they’ll never know).  They return about an hour later and I’m starving!  MB takes a bag to the car and runs into Lace Grandmother at the door.  Girlfriend said she called as they were heading out and wanted to come over for breakfast.  I am completely speechless and frozen where I stand as Girlfriend starts to set the table and LG turns on the stove, pulls out a frying pan from the cupboard and they all start unpacking the groceries.  Boyfriend is making coffee as MB returns from the car.  His eyes are darting around the room at what he sees, like a person trying to keep their eyes on a fly zipping around twelve inches in front of them, then looks at me.  Yeah, right.  Like I know what to do in situations like this?!  “Uh, excuse me, although we wiped down the table and put your tablecloth back on it, I’m wondering if I have little splinters in my butt from where you’re placing the jams right now and I don’t think I can sit and eat breakfast with you and LG when I’m hoping beyond hope that we really cleaned the area where you’re now putting the pot of hot tea!”

In dazed and slow movements, I sit at the table and fiddle with the crocheted edges of the cloth.  MB nervously stirs sugar in his coffee at the counter while being totally engrossed in the fine details of their wooden floor.  He leaves the coffee and goes to the bathroom.  This guy is horrible at masking his feelings!  How the heck does he ever win anything in his poker games?

LG not only makes intricate lace but she’s one fantastic cook.  Breakfast was not even close to on the run like I’d anticipated, but nearly a seven course meal.  Juices, fruit, pastries, eggs, numerous spreads to glob on breads, oatmeal and tea that slid down my throat like a fine wine.  After what I think was the biggest darn breakfast I’d ever stuffed in my face, making sure cash and passports are handy, we load up the car, hug LG goodbye and drive to Bruxelles train station.  Our bellies are full and MB and I just want to take a nap after everything that’s happened this morning.  It is not to be.  I don’t know anything about cars, but this one is small.  I’m not that tall, but my knees are above my belly button.  MB, being the perfect gentleman that he is, lies and says he has plenty of room behind Boyfriend.  We decide to put his legs across the seat onto my lap and mine across the back of Boyfriend’s seat.  There will be no napping in the car.

When we finally park behind some huge warehouse buildings, MB and I are slow from stiff legs as we get out of the car and gather our things.  We follow B&G into one of the buildings.  I’m hungry again (and possibly soon cranky) so I’m hoping there is food nearby.  MB and I thought we were doing the right thing by wanting to buy B&Gs train tickets.  They had other ideas.  It takes more than a moment for our eyes to adjust from the sun outside to the darkness inside the warehouse.  Some guy comes out of the shadows and takes our luggage.  There in front of us in this otherwise nearly empty, huge building is a plane.  B&G grab an apple and croissant off a butlered table and climb into the plane.  MB and I follow.  It’s like something out of the Thomas Crown Affair.  In perfect English, Shadow Guy says he’s ready to go.  Boyfriend looks at us.  Still in shock and with dropped jaws, we nod like two kids being asked if they want to keep all the candy they see at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  We drive out of the “warehouse”, over to a runway and are up in the air in what really seemed like less than ten freaking minutes!

Who the hell are these people that MB and I have been hanging out with all this time??!!

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