MB – Europe 4

A flight attendant appears from behind a curtain in the rear of the plane and brings over some juice.  Not even noticing what kind it is, MB and I say thanks and gulp it down while staring at Boyfriend and Girlfriend.  I think if it were straight scotch, I might have drank it just as fast.  It’s completely silent except for the low roar of the plane as B&G are looking through papers and finishing what they grabbed off the cart before takeoff.  MB and I just sit there waiting.  Waiting.  Waiting.  I finally blurt out, “Hello??!! Is anyone going to tell us what the fuck just happened here?” 

Boyfriend’s uncle is king.  Boyfriend isn’t into the whole royalty thing so he lives with his girlfriend and works for a living.  His dad is hanging out in Italy for a few weeks and thought it would be nice to see his son.  Really?!  This is what he tells me as easily as telling me what day of the week it is?  This is so bizarre I don’t even know what to say.  It never occurred to me to ask what his father (or uncle for that matter) did for a living so I guess there was no real reason for it to come up in conversation earlier.  I don’t know what I expected someone whose uncle is a king would be like, but it certainly wasn’t anything like Boyfriend.  B&G lean back their chairs on the plane, put some headphones on and close their eyes.

MB & I just start laughing.  And can’t stop!  B&G sit up and start laughing too.  Girlfriend tells us that they don’t normally tell people about Boyfriend’s family because then they get treated differently.  Lace Grandmother and Panty Maker know, as well as a few close others but that’s about it.  Most of their friends have no idea and they like it like that.  They figured we were safe since we weren’t sticking around.  MB says we were going to buy their train tickets and Boyfriend says we can buy lunch when we land instead.  We all burst out laughing.

The flight attendant returns and says we’ll be in the air for a bit and asks if there is anything we’d like to eat.  Knowing how important it is that MB and I buy lunch, we all say no.  She walks into the cockpit and B&G put the headphones back on and recline the chairs.  MB and I lean back in our chairs and just sit for a bit in silence.  Taking it all in.  After a few minutes, MB sits up and calls out to Boyfriend.  No response.  Calls to Girlfriend.  No response.  Looks at me.  I smile and raise my eyebrows and quickly nod my head.  We head to the rear of the plane and dart behind the curtain.  Nothing like becoming a member of the Mile High Club on a private jet.


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