MB – Europe 5

Brother of a King and Sister-in-Law of a King meet us at the airport.  We do a few quick introductions, pile into some cars and head off to their place.  MB and I decide to stay low and just hang out in our room but they are having none of it.  Almost immediately, we’re treated like family.  B of a K is talking to MB about cars and SIL of a K is talking to me as though she’s known me for years.  She asks about my family and promises to walk me through her flower garden the next day.  The place is huge so I try not to open any doors without first knocking.  After hearing no response, I open the door to an enormous unused closet and unfortunately, don’t close it fast enough before someone comes over to direct me to my room. (MB & I visit that closet at later times.)

That night, there is a party and we meet the rest of Boyfriend’s family and various friends of his parents.  Wine is flowing, music is playing and everyone is having a great time.  I meet a clothing designer whose name I’ve seen in magazines and he shows me a picture of his sister’s baby.  MB talks with a guy that designs airplanes.  A couple of hours into it, Boyfriend asks us if we know how to play poker.  If we aren’t too tired, his father and some others are putting a game together after the party.  I say I don’t know how to play and then stay completely silent wondering what MB’s response will be.  He only says he knows how to play poker.  I imagine him winning this house in the game and I start laughing out loud.  And can’t stop.  Knowing I can’t put together a complete sentence, I decide to walk away and head towards a glass of wine.

Boyfriend & Girlfriend don’t know how to play poker so we sit around and watch American television shows being dubbed in Italian.  Thinking it would not be very polite if a guest wins his house in a game, I ask if Brother of a King is a good poker player.  Boyfriend says he’s a very good poker player and won an airplane from a friend once.  I start laughing – again – and can’t stop.  I think this is hysterical!  Finally, I get out that MB is really good and how funny it is that they’re in the other room right now thinking the other one is probably just a mediocre player.  When MB crawls into bed later that night, he tells me it took him and B of a K about three minutes at the table to size up each other’s poker skills.

The flower garden is amazing.  She shows us around Italian countryside, takes us to museums and is the coolest hostess I could ever imagine.  After a second party at the house, I realize I need a new dress – or two.  MB and I hadn’t really planned for this type of thing when we decided to come over here.  I ask Sister-in-Law of a King if she can drive me to a shopping area.  Someone, whom I assume by his size is a bodyguard, gets in the driver’s seat and SIL of a K and I get in the back.  We go to some store that I would never have gone to on my own and I walk around wondering who would ever wear these things.  Moments later, Girlfriend arrives and takes me to a shop more along the lines of what I like – and can afford.  I buy two respectable dresses and two not so respectable ones.  We then meet up with SIL of a K at a lingerie shop.  Ah, now we’re talking!  Now, I can really express myself.  I spend more there than I did on the four dresses.  And why not?  Who cares how pretty I look in the dress if I don’t feel pretty underneath?

Before dinner that evening, I tell MB to meet me at “the closet”.  I left a pair of panties I had bought that day hidden on the bottom shelf and tell him to look for them.  As we’re gathering ourselves before departing, I ask him what is on the door.  He says he thought I put it there.  It was a piece of paper taped to the inside of the door that has a picture of drum sticks with skulls at the ends of them.  Strange thing to see in a musty old linen closet, I wonder why we never noticed it before.

That night, B&G take us to a club where his brother’s band is performing.  Sadly, not a big turnout for the nephew of a king.  The next band packs the place.  The music is great and everyone’s dancing.  MB & I go off to the bathroom but find others have gotten there first.  We go to the bar to have a drink and kill some time while we “wait for a stall”.  After a bit, we go back to the bathroom to find someone banging on the locked door and yelling.  My Italian is pretty bad, but I understand enough to know the occupant has been in there for quite some time and this person has just about had enough of it.  She says a few colorful words and stomps off.  Moments later, the door unlocks and a really pretty girl with colorful arm tattoos and straight jet black hair walks out and closes the door behind her.  As MB reaches for the handle, the door swings open and we’re face to face with Boyfriend’s brother.  He smiles and nods to us, I freeze in my tracks as MB goes in the bathroom alone.  I stand outside alone for a moment in shock.  Shock over what, I’m not sure.  I think it’s more sudden surprise than anything else.  I gather my senses and look over in the direction Brother headed but he’s lost in the crowd.  I open the door and as I turn around inside to close it, I see him looking at me and smiling.  We’ll have to get there while he’s still on stage next time.

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