I spin around to the bartender and order a shot of something.  Anything at this point.  Just have to get it in me as soon as I can.  I drink foofy drinks.  I can’t handle the hard stuff.  I get Bailey’s and something-something.  Two of them.  MB orders Cointreau.  Apparently, the shots weren’t enough because I was pretty damn close to stone sober by the time the set ends and Antarctic Sister comes off stage.  We all tell her she was great – she was – and MB turns back to the bar.  He is useless.  I’m certainly not going to bring up the closet situation so we all talk as her gear is taken off stage and put in cases.  A DJ is soon spinning and the vibe in the club changes so we all say our goodbyes and go to the place down the street.

The music is fantastic and blaring through the doors as we walk inside.  A few people say hello to Antarctic sister and her brothers.  People start coming up and kissing everyone hello.  Although this isn’t exactly what I do with my friends at home, I get used to it pretty fast here.  Doesn’t matter if I’ve known someone five years or five seconds, they’re kissing me hello – and then goodbye – every single time.  The owner of the club puts us in an area on the side and brings drinks and food.  Ah, food.  That’s really what I need right now.  Did I mention I’m not only a foofy drink drinker, I’m also a lightweight?  I drink too much and I’m sucking on the floor.  I need food if I’m going to drink.  MB and I get up and walk around the club with our drinks.  It’s a place with girls in hula skirts, guys bare chested and tiki bars abound.  The walls are made of straw, looks pretty cool.  I lean on one and instantly fall back.  Oh crap!  It’s only a curtain covered with straw!  MB tries to catch me and we both fall into darkness as the curtain swooshes close behind us.  It’s really dark back here.  A little light is coming through the bottom of the straw “wall” but that’s about it.  We lay for a few minutes, realizing that no noticed we disappeared behind a giant curtain.  After I say I’m ok, we both laugh hysterically as we lay there in darkness.  Nope, no one’s coming to get us.  We get up and explore this back area of the club in nearly complete darkness.

We find a sofa and sit for a minute listening to the music and laughing.  We get up and dance in the dark.  We can’t see anything so bodies are moving and bumping into each other.  Hands, and then mouths, touch and begin to explore.  I’m so glad this teddy is one that opens at the bottom.  If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend doing this.  Nearly complete darkness with loud music is very exciting.  (Well, of course we did!  Do you really think MB and I are going to pass up an opportunity to have loud, outrageous sex in a club when we know the music is so loud no one will hear us?  Don’t be absurd.)  Afterwards, we see a lit doorway not far away.  We walk through a hallway, then another, then a door and into the lobby of an office building.  We turn around.  Too late, the door locks behind us.  Crap!  We walk out of the front door, onto the street, around the block and back into the club.  I really need a drink now.  Damn, our drinks got spilled when I fell through the curtain.

I grab a drink, ask a friend for a lighter (I still can’t believe how many people smoke in Italy) and head back to the curtain with MB to look for his shoe.  Yes, his shoe.  He flipped off his shoes when we were on the sofa.  It was so dark, we just weren’t able to find them both.  It didn’t bother him too much.  I’m not sure which I find more strange – MB walking though the hallways, lobby and all the way around the block with one shoe on or that neither the people at the front of the club nor our friends noticed it.  One of the bussers stopped us as we were lifting up the curtain until we pointed to MB’s shoeless foot and then behind the curtain.  The guy nods and walks away.  Really?  You stop us as we calmly lift an unusually heavy curtain covered with straw but no one notices two bodies falling against it and not returning?  Seriously?  I have no words.

No shoe.  Anywhere.  We go back out to the busser who offers a flashlight.  Still no shoe.  The curtain is like a blackhole or something?  Some things go in but don’t come out?  MB still isn’t bothered.  This is why I like him, he doesn’t let stuff get to him.  We go back to the tables and eat for a while.  A good song comes on so we dance a little and then wander back to our friends.  There.  On the table.  Is the shoe.  MB’s shoe.  He calmly picks it up, says “Oh, you found it” to no one in particular, puts it on, sits down and takes a sip of his drink.  No one knows who found it, they just said it was there on the table all of the sudden.


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