More dancing, more drinking.  We grow tired of the tiki club and wander out on to the street and into the cars.  Giant Bodyguard, Antarctic Sister, MB and I get in one and everyone else gets in the other two cars.  MB sits in front with GB as he puts on some music and AS and I share the back.  AS tells me about her trip south that day and how she always misses everyone, but loves what she does.  She parties like crazy her last night then sleeps as she goes back down to the end of the earth.

She kicks off her shoes and I notice glitter on the bottom of her feet.  “What happened there?” I ask laughing.  She grabs my foot, pulls off my shoe and says “Really?”  Holy crap!  I lean forward in my seat, “Uh, honey, take your shoes off and look at your feet.  Anything weird?”  “Huh.  That’s strange.  I have sparkles on the bottom of my feet.  What’s that from?”  AS nods her head forward towards GB.  “He found his shoe.”  Click-click-click, my brain is rapidly putting pieces together.  GB driving me and AS to get the guitar for her friend that day.  GB just off stage as AS was playing earlier in the night.  I kept wondering why GB was with us all this time when he was supposed to be off-duty.  I thought he was hanging out with Boyfriend and Boyfriend’s Brother.  He wasn’t with us, he was with her!  I look at AS and ask “The closet?”  She nods her head.  Until that moment, GB had been driving in complete silence the whole time.  But he was done with that!  “I put the paper there.  When I saw your face when AS was at the drums, I knew you guys had no idea where it was from.  I had to keep myself from pissing my pants.  I was laughing so hard I had to go backstage!”

“Do your parents have any idea?”  I ask.  “No, I doubt it.  But everyone else does.  Everyone.  When I leave, everybody goes back home.  Since they’re all going their own way, my parents think GB is taking a vacation, but we get on a plane together and go off somewhere for a couple of weeks away from my parents.”  “Very cool, dude.”  MB says to GB.  The guys smile and nod their heads to the beat of the music.

We get back to the house and everyone files into the bedrooms.  MB and I fall asleep moments after our heads hit the pillows.

The next morning (three hours later!) we’re all up and eating breakfast.  I’m not a coffee person, but I have been exposed to cappuccino like nowhere else on earth.  AS is walking around the house saying goodbye to the house staff.  Lots of hugs along with some tears from the newer ones.  Boyfriend tells me the ones that have been with his family for years are used to her adventures but the newer ones think she’s crazy and worry while she’s gone.

MB and I talk about what we’ll do next.  We had a great time in Brugge with Boyfriend and Girlfriend but we don’t want to go back there just yet.  We want to go somewhere else.  They’ve been incredibly kind and hospitable so we’re just not sure how to go about approaching the subject.  AS tells me she and GB are going to London and GB really likes MB so they want to know if we want to go.

Problem solved.

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