Not Quite London Yet…

The rest of the morning and early afternoon are a whirlwind of activity.  People saying goodbye to each other, packing, eating and laughing.  Sister-In-Law of a King takes me on one last walk through her garden and tells me I must come visit again and how lovely it was to meet me.  She cuts a few flowers and has them wrapped up for me.  She tells me to put them in a vase at our next stop and they’ll brighten up the dullest of rooms.  I love this woman. 

MB and Brother of a King say goodbye to each as Sister-In-Law of a King gets in the car.  GB puts in their luggage and holds the door for B of a K.  Teary eyed, I give B of a K a hug and say thank you for everything, knowing I’ll probably never see him again.

Brother of a King asks Giant Bodyguard to take us to the airport when he drops off Antarctic Sister.  GB nods.  MB and I keep our heads down focusing on nothing, fearing our expressions might give something away.  We all wave as the car disappears over the hill.

MB and I go back to our room to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything.  We eye the closet as we go by and quickly double back for one last visit!  I will miss that closet.

We’re walking back down the stairs when Girlfriend and Boyfriend walk in the front door with GB, AS and Brother of Boyfriend behind them.  AS looks up and we smile at each other.  We stuff our faces once more as we’re brought more and more food and wine.

We walk around the grounds afterwards saying goodbye and thank you to the house staff that has been so kind to us.  Apparently, one of the cooks thinks I’m too skinny when he gives us a box full of the most amazing homemade pastries and tells MB he needs to fatten me up.  Are you kidding me?  After all that food he just gave us?  He’s obviously nuts!

The six of us load up the cars and head off to the airport.  During the ride Girlfriend says that she knows we’re going to London, but would we want to make a quick stop in Greece first?  Uh, sure?  It’s practically on the way to London, right?  Huh?  Boyfriend has a potential buyer for some artwork and Brother of a Boyfriend wants to meet up with a drummer.  I look at MB.  He shrugs his shoulders and says it’s up to me.  I, of course, have no actual plans in London so I look behind us at the car with the others.  Girlfriend tells me AS and GB are up for it, but will go straight to London if we want to. 

We get to the airport and MB says “Well, I guess I’m going to Greece now.”  The others smile and we all file onto a plane while our luggage is loaded on.  We’ve barely buckled our seatbelts and we’re landing in Greece.  Damn, no log entry for the Mile High Club this time around.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an airport so small.  The person that takes our luggage off the plane, also stamps our passports and later brings us water at the cafe.  I think it’s a family run business kind of place when I see a little kid come out of a door and hug the guy.  A woman at the cafe says something and an older kid smiles at us and takes the little girl back through the door.  The guy doesn’t say anything but smiles and nods as he gestures us through another doorway and what I’m assuming thus completes our immigration.  We might be the largest group they’ve received here in a while. 

We stay at a place on the beach and Girlfriend, Antarctic Sister and I immediately change into our swimsuits and go in the water.  It takes me a minute to get used to not wearing a top but the guys aren’t even fazed and I love the feel of diving in the water not having to worry if my top will fall off.  Soon after, MB comes out and says dinner is ready.  We eat outside looking out at the ocean as the sun goes down. 

When the night sky is so dark the stars look close enough to touch, MB and I take a blanket and some towels and walk down the beach.  Soon, we’re out in the warm ocean waters laughing about being two New Yorkers swimming nude at night on a Greek island in the middle of nowhere.  We only get out after we’re too exhausted to stay afloat any longer.  MB’s hands are strong and gentle as we dry each other off.  Tumbling down on the blanket, I’m thankful he’s as much of an adventurer as I am.  The area is dark except for light from the distant house.  The beach is silent except for our moans.

I can get used to this.

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