Greece… London…

I wake up to the sun shining in my eyes, roll over in bed and notice MB is gone.  He’s already up and hanging out on the beach with everyone.  It seems I’m the last one up so I eat some breakfast, put on my bathing suit bottom, grab a towel and race to the sand.

Potential drummer is there and offers to show us around the island.  An hour or so later, a tiny van pulls up and we’re off.  MB is pretty tall but he happily puts his knees up by his chin anyway.  Potential Drummer takes Boyfriend to meet his art buyer and as they go off to talk shop, we get some lunch.  I now know that fast-paced Greek diners in NYC are nothing like the ones in Greece.  First, they aren’t diners.  Second, nothing is fast paced except the talking and laughing.  By the end of lunch, PD’s various family members have either happened to be walking by and said hello, sat and joined us or come out of the kitchen and brought us food.  PD seems to know everyone on the island!

Boyfriend returns with a smile on his face and says his deal is done and it’s time to go to London.  We drive back to the house, grab our things and it’s back in the van to the airport.  By the end of the ride, Brother of Boyfriend has a new drummer and after a quick stop at his place, he’s coming to London with us.  We smile at the airport family as we’re checked in and waved goodbye.

We leave as the sun is setting over the water, what an amazing view.  Very romantic.  Now, this flight, MB and I are not passing up logging in on the Mile High Club.  Once in Greece is just not enough.  Still over Greek airspace makes it Greece.

As we make it back to our seats, drinks are being finished and the plane begins to descend.  We land in London when I suddenly realize I’m not wearing panties!  Everyone is bustling off the plane and I shoot MB a look that he, of course, doesn’t understand.  I look down at myself and flash him as I walk in front of him.  “Oh!”  “Yes!  In the back!”  He runs to the back, quickly finds them and stuffs them in his pocket.  As soon as we’ve cleared customs, I nervously look around for a bathroom.  Antarctic Sister says “What’s wrong with you?  Lose your panties or something?” as she smiles.  I freeze.  She starts laughing really loud as she realizes she hit the nail on the head.  I spy a bathroom, look at MB, grab my undies and dart for the doorway.  It’s locked!  You have got to be fucking kidding me??!!  I’m in one of the biggest freaking airports in the entire world and a bathroom is locked?  I calmly walk behind an empty ticket agent counter and without missing a step, pull on my panties, walk out from behind it and I’m ready to go.  They just stare at me not sure what just happened.

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