Giant Bodyguard shakes his head, turns on his heel and keeps walking.  Antarctic Sister is laughing again.  Drummer Boy is wondering what’s going on.  Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Brother of Boyfriend and MB stare at me.  I take MB’s hand and we all walk towards the terminal exit to the waiting cars.

We get to the hotel rooms and all part deciding to meet up for breakfast.  MB and I shower and change and go downstairs to the restaurant.  Drummer Boy and Brother of Boyfriend stop by the table as we’re eating dessert and invite us along to walk around the area.  We lie saying we’re tired, but Drummer Boy is having none of it.  He takes a seat, orders some drinks and instead we all stay in the restaurant as the tables are moved away and it turns into a night club.  MB and I look at each, nod and get up to dance after a few minutes.  Sure, why think of sleeping after the whirlwind of a day we’ve had when there’s music blaring somewhere and drinks are flowing?  How stupid of us.

We finally say goodnight and go back to the room.  We are so exhausted, we fall asleep almost before our heads hit the pillows.

Waking up to the morning sun coming through a window is one of my favorite ways to wake up.  Not my favorite favorite, but one of them.  Looking over and watching MB sleep I wonder how I got here.  It seemed like just the other day I was flying to Belgium.  I don’t have time to reminisce as MB’s muscular arm reaches over and rests on me.  He’s awake and gorgeous as ever.  And his eyes are not just open, his entire body is awake.  We don’t get out of bed or answer the phone until the banging on the door begins.  Shuffling to the door in only a sheet, MB opens it and Antarctic Sister walks in saying we have to hurry up, everyone is waiting downstairs for us.  Why they can’t see London without us this morning is beside me!  MB drops the sheet as he walks to the shower.  AS sits on the edge of the bed and starts talking as though she’s been there all morning.  Hello?!  Give me a minute to change gears from a delicious MB all over me to a talking-a-mile-a-minute-she-must-have-had-some-damn-strong-coffee AS.  We hear the shower turn off and AS says she’s going to her room to grab her camera but we better not sit around because she’s coming right back.

Who said we were sitting around when she first came in?

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