I guess the morning (afternoon?) has to begin sometime.  I’m in and out of the shower in minutes – very unlike me – and throw on some clothes.  MB and I are walking out of the room as AS returns with her camera.  She was correct when she said everyone was downstairs waiting.  With the rest of the crew, there are two girls I’ve never seen before – hanger-ons from the night before?  I have no idea who they are, but they look freshly showered and not wearing what look like clothes from the night before.

Drummer Boy keeps calling one “Sweetie” and “Baby” so I finally say “You know, she’s got a name!”

Turning to her, I ask “what’s your name?”


Back to Drummer Boy “Her name is Katherine!”

“I know!  She’s my sweetie, ha-ha.”

As the group spreads out down the sidewalk, Drummer Boy hooks arms with me and tells me he called her “Sweetie” and “Baby” because he couldn’t remember her name.

“You’re a real class act, you know that?  The least you can do after sleeping with someone is remember their name.”

“Darling, there was no sleeping involved with her.  I think I’m in love!”

“She and her friend look too put together for you guys.”

“What are you trying to say?  I can get classy girls.”

“Well, in the short time we’ve known each other, that hasn’t always been the case.”

“I like her, she’s a nice girl.  When I asked her to go sightseeing with us, I thought she’d go home and change.  They both ran down to the hotel lobby and bought new stuff.  A classy girl.”


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