I’m a New Yorker.  I’m used to walking.  I like to walk.  Thank goodness everyone else does too.  MB and I hold hands as we all walk for a while and we’re pointed out famous statues, streets where movies have been filmed and such.  We turn the corner and everyone gets quiet.  MB and I look around wondering what’s going on.  There across the street is a tank.  Yeah, a tank.  Like in wars.  A freaking tank!  It’s not exactly painted like tanks I’ve seen in movies or on the news, but it’s definitely a tank!  MB and I just stand there frozen before Bodyguard starts telling us about it.  And why not?  Only someone like him would know the detailed history of a Soviet tank.  So, of course, what do we do?  We all climb all over it taking pictures in strange poses.  Probably not really strange, but for being photographed with a tank, I suppose they are.  I learn later, this is normal behavior when seeing the tank for the first time.

Holy crap, a freaking tank!

We walk some more and get some food at what I think is a place we’re very under dressed for but that doesn’t seem to occur to anyone else.  After we order, I whisper to MB I’m not quite done with my morning activities so I head to the loo (bathroom) and he soon follows.  It’s a tiny place so some calisthenics are in order.  Having visited a number of airplane bathrooms we’ve got our routine down pretty well.  There’s a reason I love to wear skirts and dresses.  We exit just as the food arrives which is perfect because good sex always makes me hungry.  I’m famished!


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