Still London…

The afternoon turns into evening and we’re back at the hotel to clean up and change.  I put on the slinkiest dress and the highest heels I can find and MB and I are down in the lobby with everyone else.  Giant Bodyguard talks to one of the drivers and we’re all off to dinner.  Loud, louder, and delicious is really the best way to describe where we ate.  There was music coming from the other side of a wall somewhere, but it wasn’t so loud that we couldn’t hear each other.  Talking, laughing, and food coming and going.  It was great fun.  We’re having some drinks as the plates are cleared away and Antarctic Sister gets up and disappears.  She comes back a few minutes later and asks if we want to go a club nearby.  MB and I exchange looks.  Sure, why not?

We all follow Antarctic Sister and Giant Bodyguard away from the table but stop short as they go towards the restrooms.  GB turns around and says to keep walking.  So, we follow some more.  Then stop again as AS and GB go into the same restroom.  AS opens the door and sticks her head back out and says to come in.

Drummer Boy says “Uh, all of us?”

“Yes!” replies AS.

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