Happy National Sense of Smell Day! #NationalSenseofSmellDay

I love the smell of a burning fireplace on a cool night.

I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning.

I love the smell of the rain as it first begins.

Smells bring back memories.  Some good, some bad.  Mostly good.  I can be transformed back to somewhere I haven’t thought of in years, in a quick moment, solely from a scent.

It’s delightful.

I love those moments.





About BrazenLingerie

Home, office, and hospital visits. Personalized bra fittings, bra fitting parties, and novelty parties. We specialize in hard-to-find sizes and take pride in not only fitting a bra correctly, but teaching you how to know a good fit from a bad fit! We also carry nursing bras, breast pumps, accessories, and post-mastectomy bras. Brazen chicks have more fun!
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