Brazen Lingerie is a small lingerie boutique in Northern Manhattan.  We specialize in hard-to-find sizes.  Yes, of course we do free bra fittings.  We have a nice selection of nursing bras and breast pumps – sales and rentals – as well as accessories.  We also carry post-mastectomy bras.  We have simple cotton bras and sexy lacy bras.  We have bras that are 28D, 32A, 38F, 46K, and nearly everything in between.  We have chemises, gowns, corsets, boy shorts, and of course, panties.  Be sure to have a peek at our Naughty Drawer while you’re here.

5000 Broadway ~ NYC NY ~ 10034 ~ 212.567.5563

Come uptown and have a visit.  Grab a cup of tea and stop over and chat for a while.  This is NYC, there may be 8 million people here, but we’re a neighborhood shop and we like hearing about how your day is going.

A Hidden Gem in a Gritty City.


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